Our story:

Although a Baptist presence has existed in Ellsworth since the early 1800's, ties to the current United Baptist Church of Ellsworth can most clearly be established beginning the in the 1850's.  As best anyone can  tell, the Ellsworth Baptists from which we are descended build and dedicated their house of worship in 1859.  Following the tradition of Baptists to "associate", the church was received into the Hancock Baptist Association in September of 1860 as the Ellsworth Village Baptist Church.  In 1897, the church was incorporated under the laws of Maine, and it's name was changed to the Ellsworth Baptist Society.  In 1929, it became incorporated as the United Baptist Church of Ellsworth.

Today UBC is a dynamic, multi-generational church family with a heart for service.  Our mission is to learn from and follow Jesus Christ, while helping others do the same.  Our vision is to be the kind of church that people would miss if it weren't around.  Our desire is to be a praying, growing church that honors God by actively meeting the spiritual and physical needs of our members, the people of Ellsworth, Hancock County, and beyond.