Attending church for the first time, coming back after a long break, or even just visiting a church on vacation can sometimes be a little intimidating.  So, if you're wondering what to expect at UBC, maybe this will help.  Let's start with the Dont's:

You don't have to put money in the plate, because that's the responsibility of our members.  You don't have to dress up, because while Man may look on the outside, we know God looks on the heart.  You don't have to be a Bible scholar, because no one knows it all and we are all constantly learning the marvelous truths of God's Word.  You don't have to worry about sitting in someone's pew, because we don't take reservations.  You don't have to tell us who you are, where you're from or why you're here, because that's really none of our business unless you want us to know.

A few expectations:

You should expect that someone, or someone's, will welcome you and tell you that it is nice to have you in worship with us.  You should expect that someone may want to shake your hand, invite you to coffee fellowship, a Sunday School class, or ask you to fill out a card (only if you want to!) so we can acknowledge your time with us.  You should expect that someone will tell you they hope to see you again!

On Sunday morning, we have two worship services.  The first, beginning at 8:30, is more of a traditional service.  The accompanist plays a prelude starting at 8:20, and people tend to use this time to sit quietly and orient their hearts and minds for what is to come  In this service, we sing hymns, repeat the Lord's Prayer and Doxology, and have a time of corporate prayer to present our praises and petitions to God.  We read scripture and hear a message and the whole service lasts between 50 minutes and an hour.  If you prefer singing the old...